Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Baba Nyonya Stamps from Pos Malaysia

Those into Peranakan culture or even if they are only philatelists – please take note that on November 29, 2013, Pos Malaysia will release a set of stamps on the Baba Nyonya Heritage. 

Celtic are out of the Champions League and European competition altogether after a 3-0 loss to Milan on Tuesday. The Scottish team finished last in Group H (even though they still have one more game in hand). 

Kaka, Cristian Zapata and Mario Balotelli converted Milan's three shots on target (12, 49, 59) while Celtic failed to score from twenty attempts on goal. (FYI, Celtic's 20 shots on goal was double the amount Milan had!). Celtic just wasn't good enough!



rebecca khoo said...

I wish I can get those Baba and Nyonya stamps. But my effort to search for it never succeed. Went to a few post office in Penang, but couldn't get it.Just started with stamp collecting.

Victor Ong said...

I have a set of the said stamps, minus the folder. I can let you have it at cost.

Unknown said...

Hello, I'm new to using pos malaysia. Just wondering if you know how can i post to overseas using air postage instead of surface postage?

Victor Ong said...

Dear Unknown, Evcn if you wish to post overseas using air postage, you will need to go to a Pos Malaysia office