Monday, November 4, 2013

Instagramming Selfies

Drivers using their mobiles phones are already posing a gargantuan problem in the US of A and was blamed for the deaths of 3,331 people in crashes in 2011. Now the YOLO generation has sparked a dangerous new trend on photo-sharing app Instagram – and it involves taking a photo of yourself while driving. The term is 'Instagramming' a 'selfie' while driving. 

'Selfies' are portrait shots of the uploader, which are then uploaded to social media sites. Selfies are an art in themselves, often being re-taken multiple times until the uploader is convinced that they look 'hot' in the photograph. Poses may include the 'duck face' and the 'peace sign' and which are widespread in the selfie genre, which found a home on Instagram. There are also likely to be multiple hashtags, which means the driver was distracted for a substantial period of time. 

According to The Huffington Post, there are over 3 million posts on Instagram tagged with "#driving," nearly 50,000 with "#drivinghome" over 9,000 tagged "#drivingtowork" and more than 3,500 tagged #drivingselfie." (October 31, 2013). 

This trend is mostly popular in the US but has made its way to the UK and Ireland, it was reported. I bet you it’s already in Malaysia!

Malaysian men, if you are feeling under the weather there is a cozy little place in town that promises to perk you up! You may take a bath, have an orange juice on the house and prepare for the cheese spread – on your body! Then, as you lie down with all your cares and worries behind you, the young delectable woman attending to you will lick off the smooth spread in the latest offer of kinky massage in the Klang Valley, the Sunday edition of Malay daily, Metro Ahad reported. 

Supposedly sexually-arousing, the erotic massage at one center in Serdang, Selangor, visited by the paper’s probe team, is provided by scantily-dressed foreign women. Does anybody know the actual address?

FYI, I don’t fancy cheese spread! I don’t mind durian paste though!

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