Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lady Godiva in London

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Lady Gaga turned Lady Godiva when she went on stage at a London nightclub G-A-Y on Saturday night. She was dressed in a white ethereal smock-dress-thing and she was performing Venus, a song off her forthcoming album ARTPOP. 

And everyone was having a great time, until, well, she decided to unfrock! She first lifted her smock and pulled down her knickers, flashing her private bits to her dumbfounded fans. And when the song finished, she removed her dress to flaunt her nude figure to the clubbing crowd – who quickly took to Facebook and Twitter to inform everyone else! Oh well, she is Lady Gaga after all! 

Prime Minister Najib Razak vowed to defend the word “Allah” in his Maal Hijrah message uploaded on his official website Monday. On one hand, he preaches moderation and on the other, he talks as if Islam is under siege.

He of course, responded in the only way he knows how – he politicized the use of “Allah”! Strange that when he was over in East Malaysia, he had said there was no issue; “Allah” can be used by Christians. 

And Malaysians still put their trust on this Prime Minister?

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