Friday, November 15, 2013

Political Sermons in Malaysian Mosques

Islam's holiest day Friday is where Muslims perform a weekly communal prayer and listen to sermons to guide their life. But for the past two weeks, national laureate A Samad Said (left) has been attending the Friday prayers in KL’s Masjid India where the sermon is preached in Tamil. 

Fondly known as Pak Samad, the octogenarian told The Malaysian Insider yesterday that he does not understand Tamil but that does not bother him one bit. In fact, he is relieved. 

Relieved because he prefers not to understand what the message is as the sermons have turned too political for his liking. Samad used to fulfill his Friday religious obligation at the As-Syakirin mosque in KLCC but there was one Friday where the imam called on the people not to demonstrate, but right after prayers, the congregation demonstrated. That made him feel uncomfortable and so he moved to the National Mosque. 

But it wasn’t any different. He stopped doing so two weeks ago because the "preacher was reading the sermon and not preaching". 

He became disillusioned as politics and BN propaganda are being propagated in mosques these days through sermons prepared by the federal Department of Islamic Development (Jakim). 

JB is still in the news. Less than 24 hours after Ernest Zacharevic’s street art was whitewashed by the JB City council, the Lego figures have come back on the walls of the city. Someone had pasted paper “cut-outs” of the man and woman along Jalan Molek 1/9 in Johor Bahru, where they were originally painted. 

And similar “cut-outs” were also posted elsewhere! Photos uploaded online show that the Lego drawings featuring both mugger and Chanel woman are at three separate street corners in the Johore capital.

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