Thursday, November 21, 2013

I Spoke at the Frankston Toastmasters Club

Continuing from my earlier post, in the evening, I attended the Frankston Toastmasters meeting. I am grateful to be given a speaking slot and it helps that David Hughes is the Vice President Education of the club! Anyway, I delivered CC speech #5 and also evaluated a speech presented by Michael Lilley. BTW, he is the club president.
Generally, I found the meeting to be fascinating (it gave me both enlightenment as well as enjoyment) and so, I had a fabulous time. The Table Topics were absorbing, the speeches were beguiling and the evaluations were compelling. And the hospitality was just heart-warming. Definitely, a meeting that deserves an 8 over 10.

And I had my customary beer before my dear pal sent me back to my hotel!

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