Tuesday, November 5, 2013

PAS Wins Sungai Limau By-election

There was to be no surprise despite the massive effort put in by the mighty BN election machinery. PAS successfully retained the Sungai Limau state seat on Saturday when religious school administrator Mohd Azam Abdul Samat polled 12,069 votes against the BN candidate, former lecturer Dr Ahmad Sohaimi Lazim by a majority of 1,084 votes.

The BN of course tried to claim a moral victory with even clueless Najib Razak claiming that the Chinese have been won over! The UMNO lackey, Gerakan deputy chief Cheah Soon Hai promptly supported Najib by saying that the by-election result showed that Chinese support was 60-70 percent! Is that all he is good at? Adept at insulting the Chinese?

And whatever the BN boasts, they are empty because they spent RM15 million in Sungai Limau and which they liked to believe helped them to trim the PAS margin. Big deal!

It is a public holiday today and yet there are still Toastmasters meetings being organized this evening. I had two invitations but in the end, I decided to attend the Bangsar Toastmasters meeting. An invigorating meeting that witnessed a good share of wonderful speeches and incisive evaluations. I was of course, one of three evaluators and yes, I was voted Best Evaluator! Even better, the meeting had lots of energy and that is always good! An 8 over 10 is my score for this meeting because I enjoyed it immensely.

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