Friday, November 22, 2013

Mornington Peninsula

Thursday morning unveiled an overcast sky. The weather was 14-degree Celsius. I had told David Hughes that I wanted to take the train. And so, I jumped onto the Metro from Southern Cross Station that took me from Melbourne to Frankston.

Soon after the sun peeked out from behind lugubrious clouds and the sky turned decidedly cheerful. I spent the whole day getting to know Mornington Peninsula a picturesque potpourri of quaint resort towns and interesting tourist attractions that hugged an alluring and appealing coastline, and is a popular gateaway for Melburnians with its urban and rural topographies. My wonderful host was really kind to get into the driver’s seat and show me around and we stopped at charming and endearing places like Sorrento, Stony Point, Hastings and Arthurs Seat. The photos below indicate where I had been:



I have begun to fall in love with this part of Australia!

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