Sunday, November 8, 2015

Ostrich Mating

Yesterday, I was up close to the ostrich (Scientific name: Struthio camelus).

To attract a female, a male ostrich will do a little dance – he crouches down and alternates bringing his black-and-white wings forward, one after the other. A wooed female will sit down, allowing the male to mount her from behind and inseminate her by inserting his phallus (pseudo-penis) into her cloaca – a single orifice in the butt through which she poops, pees, and mates. In birds, there's no such thing as the wrong hole!

And I bore witness to a pair of ostriches mating!

An erect ostrich penis

In case you wonder, the ostrich penis, when rigid, is 40 cm (or 15.7 inches) long.

I was at the Desaru Ostrich Farm in Teluk Ramunia, just outside Sungai Rengit on Saturday morning and here is where one can get in close proximity to more than 100 ostriches.

This chick is only about 5 hours old 

I had travelled with three other Toastmasters to Desaru in Johore for District 51’s Semi-Annual Conference. And we did a quick stopover at Sungai Rengit (35 km south of Desaru) en route to our destination for a simple Malay brunch.

Mee rebus, RM4.00

Lontong kuah, RM4.00

Lontong kering, RM4.00

Mee soto, RM4.00

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