Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Saving Nik Aziz's Legacy

Amanah president Mohamad Sabu declared on Tuesday that the party are ready to fight for Kelantan in order to “save” the Islamic government formed by the late PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (left). The intention is surely noble but Kelantanese must give whole-hearted support if this is to become a reality.
I do believe Amanah can do a better job in governing the state. Of course, I don’t know how well Amanah are faring in Kelantan but in politics, nothing is impossible.
Just in case we forget, the dengue scourge is still in our midst!
Please consider the disturbing fact that as at October 31, 2015, the number of deaths attributed to dengue nationwide was 282 with 102,217 cases up from 162 deaths and 86,192 cases last year.
And on Sunday, the Health Ministry finally shook off their lethargy and started a nationwide search-and-destroy campaign against the aedes mosquito. The initiative is unlikely to be that effective since they are covering only 15 dengue hotspots and focusing on idle land and/or plots where rubbish contributes to 18 percent of the aedes mosquito breeding grounds.
Like many governmental efforts – it is at best, a half-hearted measure. Simply because it is too little, too late.
On Wednesday afternoon, I was at Wisma LYL in Petaling Jaya to attend the Scope Toastmasters meeting. I evaluated an impassioned speaker and certainly, it is always a joy to listen to Michelle Fernandez. This time, she did ‘impromptu speaking’ from the Specialty Speeches manual. From five topics given to me, I chose “To be a woman”.
I also immensely enjoyed Table Topics because Francis Sales came up with a challenging list of archaic and/or rare words and we were supposed to ”creatively” come up with their meanings – they need not have to be correct – that we could be persuaded to believe!

These six words were ‘flummoxed’ (actual meaning: bewildered or perplexed); ‘gnathonize’ (actual meaning: to flatter); ‘slugabed’ (actual meaning: a lazy person who stays in bed long after the usual time for arising); ‘hugger mugger’ (actual meaning: secret or clandestine); ‘quidnunc’ (actual meaning: a gossip or busybody); and ‘phronistery’ (actual meaning: an institution of learning). I knew two of the words and their meanings and I learned four new words!


There are other nice touches to the meeting that I won’t be mentioning. Suffice to say, I love being there. Truly, a wonderful meeting and I am going to award it a 9 over 10!

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