Friday, November 13, 2015

Mother and Baby Rescued

AFP Photos
An orangutan and her baby have been rescued from an attack by angry villagers in Indonesia as they were escaping rampant wildfires.
[Note: I had already highlighted the plight of the orangutans in my October 2015 post].
The malnourished mother and her youngster were found traumatized and hugging one another when they were saved by International Animal Rescue. Frightened locals reportedly hurled rocks at them and tried to tie them up.
The IAR team said that the two primates were rescued just in time. They said that the mother had just enough milk to nourish the baby. Primates escaping forest fires in Indonesia often head to villages in search of food, but many locals view them as pests – resulting in an increase in human-animal conflict.
So far, despite the odds, IAR are doing a great job. And if you wish to help them with funding, please go to this webpage
Last evening, I was at Menara Milenium in Pusat Bandar Damansara, KL to attend the E&Y Toastmasters meeting. I managed to get a speaking slot and I presented CC speech #6 titled 'The Voice'. A good speech and I secured the vote for Best Project Speaker.


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