Sunday, November 15, 2015

Two Scots in a Voice Recognition Elevator

I sat in a Marketing lecture by a Sunway University colleague, Michael Murray Dent – who is a Scot, by the way – and he shared this video with the class on Friday! In turn, I want to share this too because it is so damn hilarious!
Burnistoun is a sketch show for BBC Scotland by the Scottish comedians Iain Connell and Robert Florence. The show is produced by The Comedy Unit and it is about two Scots who got flummoxed in a voice recognition elevator.
I am in need of a good laugh from yesterday, that’s why!
Last evening, I was in Section 51A in Petaling Jaya for a wedding dinner at the Jaya Palace Restaurant. Dorothy and Ramdas Nayar’s eldest daughter, Danica got married and since the parents are Toastmasters, the who’s who in District 51 graced the occasion.






In a way, it was like a Toastmasters Convention!

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