Saturday, November 21, 2015

The PAC Chairperson is Just Being Honest

The one person entrusted to investigate 1MDB has turned out to be another joker.

Public Accounts Committee chairperson Hasan Arifin Hasan (left) had said Wednesday it was not necessary to call Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak over the 1MDB probe.
And when pressed further on the issue by reporters, he said, "Janganlah, saya pun nak cari makan” (Please don't, I too need to earn a living).
Huh? If Najib is not summoned, then what is the point of even investigating 1MDB because he is the person who is actually calling the shots? If this gagster equates his job to “cari makan” – then I think we might as well ‘close shop’ and forget about the PAC. Methinks, he is merely warming the seat until the time comes for Najib to reward him with a ministerial position – so that he can then start to really “cari makan”!
Look at how happy Nur Jazlan (the previous PAC chairperspon) is these days!
The day after, the clown defended his remark saying it was made in jest and media reports highlighting it were unethical. Then he quickly said he no longer would hold press conferences following PAC meetings.
I think we can just forget about due process. Forget about PAC. Forget about Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. Forget about Bank Negara. Forget about the Attorney-General. Forget about the police. Forget about the judiciary. Forget about the government. And there you have it!
1MDB is a big con job!
On Friday, Liquid Gold Advanced Toastmasters Club met at Maharaj Restaurant in Jalan Gasing, PJ – their maiden official meeting. We had fourteen members who turned up as well as two guests. One of the non-members was Division P Director Benny Chia.

We had the usual feasting and delivering and/or listening to speeches (and evaluations) as these photos show:


Sorry! Unfortunately, not everybody was captured in this photo. Those not in the picture were Sasigala Subramaniam, Hanson Lau, Uma Uturaju and Cheryl Tan.

We also turned heads when the 3D “Musang King" durian made an appearance.



It weighed not more than 1.4 kilogram and it turned out to be a cake, not the fruit. I really thought it was the real thing! This 'creation' is very Malaysian and something different with a definite wow factor.

If you love to have the cake and eat it (pun intended) then please contact Songket Artisan Bakery's Helen Wong at 012 3603460 to make your Order. Three days' notice is required.
Overall, it was a memorable meeting! As we have come to expect.
The meeting also marked my 250th Toastmasters meeting for this calendar year!

It’s about my love, my excitement, my passion!

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