Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Google Learn From Halloween

You may or may not know it but Google started their self-driving car project in 2009. Since then, their cars have covered more than two million miles during tests across the US of A.
During on-the-road tests, there is a crew of 'safety,' drivers who are legally required to ride in Google's fleet of 48 robot cars. They only take control in emergencies. Otherwise, they make observations that help the firm's engineers program the cars to navigate the roads without human assistance.
And as part of a continuous improvement process, Google used their employees’ Halloween party to train their self-driving car to recognize children. The firm tweaked their software to drive more cautiously around young pedestrians.
“This gives our sensors and software extra practice at recognizing children in all their unique shapes and sizes, even when they're in odd costumes,” somebody from Google had said.
If the technology advances as Google plans, the only people sitting in driverless cars by 2020 will be passengers looking for an easier way to get around. I shall wait in great anticipation!
Last evening, I was in Bangsar, KL to deliver CC speech #4 titled “Sleeping Beauty” – but it was not what you think it was. The speech only made a passing reference to the Princess.
It is really about giving up being a sleeping beauty. It is “wake up and live”, rather than “sleep your life away”. It is “sleeping less and living more”. My evaluator, Lucky did say that with Victor Ong, a speech title is not what it seems.
Overall, a good meeting! I would score it an 8 over 10.


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