Monday, November 16, 2015

The End of the Road for the PC?

Apple are determined to change the way we work.
In a move away from traditional computers, Apple launched its super-sized iPad Pro – it’s a laptop, it’s a tablet.
According to a report by UK's The Telegraph, Apple CEO Tim Cook was quoted to have said: "I think if you're looking at a PC, why would you buy a PC anymore? No really, why would you buy one?"
Cook added that the iPad Pro will be an appropriate replacement for a notebook or desktop for many. "They will start using it and conclude they no longer need to use anything else, other than their phones," he continued. He said it right!
The iPad Pro is not the same kind of product as an iPhone; it's closer to a PC or laptop in terms of its size, its price and its abilities. The iPad Pro is the biggest thing to happen to Apple's iPad line-up. Hmmm, that’s a pun and deliberately so.
Apple have gone smaller and thinner with their iPads – e.g. the 7.9-in. mini – until November 09, 2015, they had never gone bigger. The result of that move is the 12.9-in. iPad Pro, which starts at $799 for a 32GB model and goes all the way to $1,079 for a 128GB version with both Wi-Fi and LTE cellular connectivity – accessories not included.
This new “must-have” features a wicked fast third-generation, 64-bit Apple A9X chip, 4GB of memory, 10-hour estimated battery life, and that absolutely gorgeous 12.9-in. 2732-x-2048-pixel Retina display that is packed with more pixels than the 15-in. MacBook Pro. With its large screen and with the optional keyboard case and Apple Pencil, I am told the iPad Pro will be attracting a lot of attention from everyday computer users and businesses alike.
The reason, in a word: Flexibility. The iPad Pro serves a broader range of needs than any previous iPad, especially when you factor in the Pencil, which allows the iPad Pro to be used more effectively when precision is a requirement.
And according to some techie bloggers who said that without realizing it – they've been using the iPad Pro on their laps, like a little touchscreen table. The tablet -- with a processor that's as fast as some late-model laptops -- is turning out to be the perfect laptop computer in a very literal sense!
With the iPad Pro, Apple have indeed, created a tablet with more power than ever before. But there's really no magic to this feat – it just made a bigger tablet. You know the larger the object, the more room to dissipate heat, and the more space for a bigger battery. It's basic physics, and the iPad Pro takes full advantage. It contains a 38.5Wh battery. That's 40 percent larger than the battery inside the iPad Air 2, and about the same as the company's 11-inch MacBook Air and 12-inch MacBook, not to mention Microsoft's Surface Pro 4.
Still, I am ready to bet that the legions of Apple fans will want to have the iPad Pro.
Malaysian sculptor Louise Low focused on Penang’s food fetish and created this floating work, chopsticks made from recycled broken mirrors. Pic from Louise Low’s Facebook page, November 15, 2015
The reputation Penang has developed as a food paradise has been encapsulated by Kuala Lumpur-based sculptor Louise Low, with her work “All Walks of Life”, a giant floating sculpture of chopsticks almost 4m long.
Low’s masterpiece – made from wood, recycled broken mirrors and foam – can be seen floating off Tan Jetty, Weld Quay, Georgetown. She explained on Saturday: “The integration of the sculpture and the sea is to reflect all the different people on this island; they learn from each other – like that of the mirrors that absorb light and reflect it beautifully.”
Low’s exhibit forms part of the Urban Xchange Festival organized by Hin Bus Depot and will be on display for the next two months.

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