Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Top Unis Accept UEC

Still on the subject of the UEC qualification. More than eight hundred universities in the world open their doors to UEC students (as long as their academic results meet the entry requirements, that is) – according to the latest compilation by the Dong Zong (United School Committees Associations of Malaysia).
If we examine the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016 – among the top-ranking tertiary institutions that recognize the senior UEC are California Institute of Technology (No. 1), University of Oxford (No. 2), University of Cambridge (No. 4), Harvard University (No. 6), University of Toronto (No.19), National University of Singapore (No. 26), University of Melbourne (No. 33), Peking University (No. 42), University of Tokyo (No. 43), University of Hong Kong (No. 44), and Kyoto University (No.88).
The United Examinations Certificate (UEC) is a standardized examination conducted by the Dong Zong in the country’s 60 Chinese independent secondary schools. After studying for three years, students will sit for the junior UEC exam, and after six years, they will sit for the senior UEC exam.
Given the above, pray tell me why Malaysian public universities are still resisting the UEC qualification and therefore, refusing to accept UEC students? These universities think too highly of themselves. In case you didn't know, Malaysian universities are not even ranked. Or maybe, they are blatantly discriminating against Chinese-educated Malaysians.
Last evening, I was in Jalan Hose, KL for the NAWEM and BIB joint Toastmasters meeting. I was an Evaluator for one of the four project speakers. My only misgiving was that we started fifteen minutes late. Sure there was a torrential downpour but that is no excuse, right?
In any case, it was a good meeting. Besides, I was bedazzled by the women in their gorgeous sarees.


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