Sunday, November 8, 2015

UEC Qualification Discrimination in Malaysia

Sarawak CM Adenam Satem must be congratulated for taking that long-overdue step of recognizing the United Examination Certificate awarded to graduates of local Chinese independent schools.
Yet, the Ministry of Education are still refusing to change their stance and continue to discriminate against this group of Malaysians. After all, many countries all over the world have given due recognition to UEC but sad to say, not Malaysia.
And yet, we are freely allowing foreign students to come to Malaysia to pursue tertiary education based on ‘other’ entry qualifications. It is so simple. Any foreigner can enroll into any institution of higher learning by merely “getting acceptance” and showing bank statements. 
And what's more, the quality of foreign students is suspect. I know this first-hand because I am teaching at a private university.
if you don't already know, education is big business in this country.
Toastmasters from District 51 and also those from Singapore made a beeline for Desaru in Johore for the 23rd Semi-Annual Conference over the weekend. ‘Organized mayhem’ is probably the best description for this event.
Anyway, for the third year running, Sunway University Toastmasters Club received the President's Distinguished Club award!

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