Sunday, June 30, 2013

Judge in Kugan's Case Retires

Two days after Kuala Lumpur High Court judge VT Singham delivered a damning indictment on the government's handling of custodial deaths, in particular, the A Kugan case – and having served thirteen years on the bench, he retired at the age of 65. This was supposedly his personal decision. .[Normally, judges, including those in the Federal Court, can serve on the bench until they are 66, which is the compulsory retiring age].

I sincerely hope that Justice Singham was not pressured to quit. If he is really leaving on his own accord, the government should reject his resignation because the country desperately needs principled judges like him.

Khalid Abu Bakar, the present Inspector-General of Police, should know that his position is untenable because of Singham’s judgment. If he has any sense of shame, then he should resign immediately. Will you, Khalid? In any case, Malaysians are not holding their breaths.

Yesterday, I was in Jalan Ampang to attend the MIMKL Toastmasters meeting. Again, I managed to secure a speaking slot because somebody pulled out late Friday evening. I spoke on “Born to Die” which is CC speech #6 and I was even voted Best Assignment Speaker. It was a pretty laidback meeting and the energy level was just so-so. I would score this meeting a 7 over 10.

I was also at the Division B Council meeting where I passed the baton to my successor, CIMA Malaysia Toastmasters Club’s Jerusha Sivaratnam. In the 2012-2013 term, I was the Assistant Division Governor Marketing. I was satisfied that I assisted Meyyappa Manickam (Division B Governor) to charter two new clubs, Gamuda and eCEOs.


Patrick said...

Politics aside...this has to go down in Malaysian history as THE most INDEPENDANT decision ever made in the judicial realm...

B U T......leave it to MALAYSIA.....

the decision will be APPELLEAD AND OVERTURNED....before the next Azan prayer....

Taking bets now....!!!!

Patrick said...

THE 'JUDGE' RETIRED.......!!!!

Doesnt it raise a 'red flag'....SOMEWHERE...????

What are we???

Living in a world of anarchism-without-words?????

Living in a world-without-soul????

"I dare those who oppose in the daylight .......

...then, shame those who agree in the darkness..."

Where do we stand????

Choose wisely...!!!