Monday, June 17, 2013

Apple: Synonymous with Innovation

If you read about Apple Inc. in 2009, you would know that Steve Job's company has been winning plenteous plaudits and being hailed as the most innovative company in the world and as added icing on the cake, also the most admired (BusinessWeek, 2009; Fortune, 2009).

And according to Research & Markets (cited by Gene Quinn, 2010), “Apple has managed to sustain its innovation efforts with calculated, consistent increases in R&D spending and rapid-fire launches of new products and upgrades. What lies behind Apple’s success is not luck – the company has very deliberately focused its efforts on generating better ideas faster”

And it is not just the innovative products it has rolled out – the iMacs, iPhones and iPads but also it has demonstrated creativity in its marketing.

Even so, Apple has a stingy reputation. And this also extends to its marketing spending. Even as the company announced again and again that it doesn't pay for spots, it is amazing that Apple products appeared in 891 TV shows in 2011 alone. And according to Brandchannel, iDevices were in 40 percent of movie box office hits.

Check this out! When the company was struggling in 1996, Jon Holtzman, Apple's marketing manager, made a major deal in which the PowerMac had a starring role in the first Mission: Impossible film. Although Apple didn't pay for the product placement, the film and tech company made an arrangement: In exchange for PowerMac's prominent role, Apple would strongly promote the movie in its ads – see the commercial below. This worked out pretty well for both parties involved.

"We saved almost $500,000 in production costs – and got Brian De Palma to direct and Tom Cruise to act in it," Holtzman told Bloomberg.

Whether we are Apple fans or not, it is clear that this is one innovative company!

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