Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Haze

The haze has returned with a vengeance! Politicians from both Indonesia and Malaysia should just stop passing the buck! 


Fire has become a serious, recurring problem in Indonesia and especially in Sumatra in the past decade. As long as fire is used for land clearing, there will be a high risk that during the dry season and particularly during prolonged droughts such as under El Niňo weather conditions, fires will get out of control and escape into the remaining forest tracts. And more so in the coastal regions of Sumatra large areas of peat forests, characterized by thick peat soil layers, are affected by fire. This leads to the release of dense smoke, pollutants, haze and huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, affecting locals and even neighbouring countries and representing a significant cause for global warming.

The stark truth about the haze is that it will stay for as long as big businesses (i.e. oil palm plantations, timber plantations) are protected. The government will make the appropriate apologetic noises and then wait for the haze to blow over and life returns to normal. In the meantime, the choking rakyat is expected to suffer.

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