Friday, June 14, 2013

All Talk and No Action

On the same day (i.e. Saturday) that Najib Razak declared war on crime, at an open-air steamboat restaurant in Cheras, nearly 70 people were robbed by a gang of 10 bandits who were armed with machetes and iron rods. The shop owners and patrons lost more than RM20,000 and at least 2 of the customers were assaulted as a result of being too tardy in surrendering their valuables.

It was not just Najib blowing so much hot air, but the newly appointed Inspector General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar had even proudly announced on his appointment date on May 16 that he wanted to make safety and security his priority and return the streets to the people. So far, this is also an empty boast!

In fact, this heist was followed soon after by another at a second eatery – and then another this time, at a pub. DAP's Tony Pua said the robberies were akin to the criminals “thumbing their noses” at the authorities. Pua was being polite. The police were in fact, being mocked.

I hope it is not all talk and no action! Najib, are you just a gasbag who loves to fart loudly but that is all there is to it? Are Malaysians suppose to expect only disgusting noises from your rear end?

I have been thinking. If our Malaysian police are incapable of wiping out crime, maybe we should outsource this law enforcement function? I did read somewhere that the Korean People's Army is more than 9 million strong and God knows the country needs money. So why don't they send in some of their soldiers to combat crime in Malaysia and we pay them for their services? After all, our home-grown and imported criminals are getting to be bolder and more brutal by the day so we need strong-arm tactics and I am sure the North Koreans.can handle anything that comes their way! This is a brilliant idea, is it not?


Patrick said...

This is the reason why we all shouldnt be taking our Guiness in sleazy pubs. We should be going to bars that have a lot of malay customers like Zeta Bar, HRC, Dangduts, etc, etc. Or Movida.....

Patrick said...

Not a good idea....!

If this is implemented, we will have more Non-Bumi's in Malaysia. As it is, UMNO is trying to suppress the population of Non-Bumi's with their myriad overt and covert policies.

On the other hand, we will have more kimchi restaurants and hawkers around...more choices of street food...!