Monday, June 3, 2013

Sneak Peek: King Kong the Musical

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King Kong the musical will have its world premiere in Australia. Five years in the making, King Kong, the six-meter part-marionette, part-animatronic puppet has been unveiled at the Regent Theater in Melbourne on May 27, 2013.See Sonny Tilders’ 1.1-tonne steel, lycra and latex puppet as it roars at leading lady Esther Hannaford:

A dedicated group of some 35 on-stage and off-stage puppeteers work to manipulate King Kong. Some of the puppeteers are positioned on swinging trapezes and others launch themselves as counterweights off the puppet's shoulders to raise the puppet's massive arms as he runs and swipes at planes during the performance.

Everything is vast about this production, from the cast and crew of 126, to the 300 meters of electronic cable used in the puppet itself. But as with the original, the clue to catching the audience’s sympathy in the midst of dazzling spectacle is a sense of intimacy. After all, it is an epic spin on beauty and the beast.

King Kong the musical opens on June 15, 2013.

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