Monday, June 10, 2013

Singaporeans Protest


Image credit: AP / Wong Maye-E

On Saturday, around 1,500 Singaporeans led by bloggers rallied against the government policy that requires some news websites to obtain licenses. The policy that took effect this month has triggered criticism that authorities in this Southeast Asian city-state are trying to enforce online media censorship. Officials, however, maintain the rule is not meant to muzzle freedom of expression.

Many are not going to believe it. To them, the intention is obvious. It is time that governments, whether Singaporean or otherwise stop thinking that they can pass laws as and when they fancy. Rally participant Raymond Kwok is right when he said, "There must be a process of consultation, or it makes democracy and our parliament a farce,"

Opposition coalition Pakatan Rakyat has postponed its planned anti-electoral fraud rally on June 15 to accommodate a private wedding and a recycling festival supposedly held at the same venue. The new date is June 22 and the rally will kick off at noon.

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