Saturday, June 22, 2013

Durian Pizza

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Since September 2012, Shanghai’s Blue Brown restaurant – located at 450 Huichuan Road in Shanghai’s Zhongshan Park area – doesn’t just sell pizza, they smell it as well! The Shanghai eatery’s signature dish, Durian Pizza, is an offbeat treat that aims to please every sense starting with the sense of smell.

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Durians with their exquisite “stink” are becoming popular in China, it seems. The “king of fruits” have acquired a reputation as an exotic luxury item.

The unusual yet original way to try durian is on pizza, and the decidedly non-Italian pie perfected by Blue Brown’s chefs seems to have hit the spot with customers. According to Blue Brown’s owner, Dai Ge, an average of 70 durian pizzas are sold each day.

"Durian and pizza are originally unrelated,” stated one obviously impressed customer, “but this is quite wonderful.” It isn’t even necessary to like durian to enjoy Blue Brown’s pungent pie. 

“There’s a thick layer of cheese on top which masks the strong taste of the durian,” said another customer to justify his purchase.

And it is awesome to know that demand for the thorny fruit has been on the rise in China.

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