Friday, June 7, 2013

Singapore Bloggers Stage Blackout

One hundred and thirty-four Singapore bloggers staged a blackout of their websites yesterday in protest of a new licensing law for online news – read my blogpost titled “Singapore’s Licensing Law for News Websites” dated June 04, 2013 – that they decry as a move to stifle independent media.

According to a report on AFP, the protest today involves putting up a blank black screen over their homepages with the words ‘#FreeMyInternet’

I also read that this is not just a movement by socio-political blogs. The participating websites are from all genres – from lifestyle and food, to technology. AFP reported The Online Citizen’s Choo Zheng Xi as saying "The diversity reflects an awareness that the new regulations can affect anyone because it has been framed so widely”.

Also, last evening, the Sunway University Toastmasters Club organized their regular Toastmasters meeting – our 27th – and it was as expected a good meeting! Interesting speeches and worthy evaluations. Congrats to Sharif Ahmed for having completed his tenth CC speech today. I had to take up two roles though – as Toastmaster and Table Topics Evaluator. Still we were well-supported by Taman Indrahana members – thank you, Yean May, Pei Lim and Dominic Joseph!

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