Friday, June 28, 2013

Piloted Driving

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With crime in this country determined to soar to the heavens above and the Malaysian police having been rendered impotent, this innovation can be a boon to women everywhere because they are the most vulnerable. This technology of ‘piloted driving’ can mitigate their fears whenever they step out of the door.

Audi has introduced a self-parking car (or as it prefers to call it 'Piloted Parking technology') at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 that was held January 08-11.

The company’s senior engineer Annie Lien of the Audi/Volkswagen Group of America demonstrated this new technology for the Audi connect integrated system. Using an app on your smartphone, you can tell your car to find a spot and park itself and then later, to pick you up! You don’t need a boyfriend to do the job anymore!

The idea behind it is rather simple: you exit your vehicle, pull out your smartphone, click a button and the car drives itself off to a parking spot at a nearby garage. What at first sounds like a mixture between Knight Rider's KITT and something James Bond's Q might create is actually technically possible.

The car uses an array of internal and external sensors to get its position: Audi claims they can be as accurate up to 10 cm, but only if they have access to special laser sensors inside the parking structure (four of those scanners had been set up in the parking structure to support the demo – it was conducted at a Las Vegas hotel). These might be redundant in the future, as the car maker is working on a laser sensor that will be integrated in the car itself (think the sensor tower on top of Google's self-driving car, but completely integrated in the chassis).

The self-parking system also needs access to the car park's management system, in order to find and allocate a free parking space and transmit the route to the car. Since most modern car parks have more than one level or are underground, GPS-based positioning is not really an option, so instead the management system uses Wi-Fi to transmit the route.

Therefore, I am not the least bit surprised that the German car maker has the slogan 'Vorsprungdurch Technik' which translates into 'Leap ahead through technology'. Consumers, especially the women – are you ready?

DAP’s Lim Kit Siang informed Parliament yesterday that he finally understood why his party was accused of funding a band of cyber-troopers to cause racial disharmony. [Please read about it at this link].

Lim had said: “Today I know why these stories about the Red Bean Army were made up. There is a proposal made by UMNO members for a RM250 million allocation to fight the RBA”.

And he added: “They have a vested interest in this. They want UMNO leaders to allocate to fight them but it is not for the fight. It is for their own riches”.

So now we know that whenever there are issues that demonise the Opposition, it is because they have their own self-serving agendas.

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