Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ultraman Max Forgets

The dust is settling down from the Cancun climate conference, and many commentators have given the verdict that the multilateral system was saved, but not the climate. They were talking about the avoidance of another collapse following last year’s calamitous talks at Copenhagen. I don’t think it was a good outcome but certainly developing countries will have to do much more. These countries are now obliged to place mitigation targets in national schedules similar to the tariff or services schedules in the WTO. The aim is to eventually get them to be as binding as the targets of developed countries. And the latter’s own obligations have been downgraded, which is a disappointment and a real shame. The legally-binding regime that was the Kyoto Protocol is no more and in its place a non-binding national pledge system in which they would volunteer to do whatever they choose. Developed countries are damnably dishonorable.

I thought this was a really funny Ultraman Max video clip when I first saw it on Facebook. His hilarious antics actually made me laugh. It’s reassuring to know that even super-heroes do forget sometimes… And Robert Louis Stevenson immediately comes to mind because he once said “I've a grand memory for forgetting”. Hahaha, he’s not the only one!

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