Saturday, December 4, 2010

2010 HICT Graduation

HELP International College of Technology (HICT) finally held their Convocation ceremony. Why it was held so late in the year, nobody will say – hence, there was no representative from Southern New Hampshire University to grace this momentous occasion. Unless of course you count Vicky Teo, the Malaysia-based regional representative.

Still, today is a red-letter day for my students and as these photos will attest, they are not only happy that they have finally finished college, but also that they have this rare opportunity to pose with me! After all, I have already left HICT; yet I came to give support. It was a small gesture to tell them that I am so very proud of all of them!

Even better still, for those who ordered the SNHU graduation rings – their timely arrival meant that the graduating students could show them off as these two (i.e. Kian Soon and Suak Ying) did:

This year's valedictorian was Jeremy Tan (Edith Cowan University program) who gave a rambling speech that was mostly forgettable. Also there was a song presentation by a talented trio of SNHU students whose rising voices filled the hall with aural waves of moody poignancy – an odd choice for a song that was not in keeping with today's celebratory mood.

What's more, there was a curiously unconventional twist to the above – there were two slots dedicated to promoting two individuals (Singaporean Nickson Fong of Egg Story Digital Arts school and a Malaysian guy who's much too verbose for my liking!) – these two will be collaborating with HICT at some future date, supposedly.

The Star newspaper (December 01, 2010, p N22) reported that the invigilator-teacher in the racism row last week has been replaced. The duties of this female teacher from SM Radin in Lukut (near Port Dickson) has been taken over by another teacher from SM Dato’ Abdul Samad – a day after the alleged incident was highlighted in the press. Perhaps it is time authorities consider imposing sterner punishment for these recalcitrant educators. Otherwise, when will they learn? And if they do not learn, what values can we expect them to impart to the impressionable children who attend schools populated by these racist bigots? An alarming trend that we should nip in the bud. Quickly.

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