Friday, December 10, 2010

Register to Vote!

PERSONAL APPEAL: If the general election is indeed around the corner, PLEASE get yourself, your family members and friends above 21 years of age to register as voters NOW! Remember, EVERY VOTE COUNTS! Save Malaysia from BN!
More pictures of how bad this winter really is in Europe!

Photo of a man making his way home from the shops in Auchterarder, Scotland, November 29, 2010.

Photo of a German police officer standing in heavy snow as she guards the Reichstag buildings in Berlin, Germany, December.02, 2010.

Photo of benches on a sea bridge being blanketed in ice at the Baltic Sea village of Scharbeutz, Germany, December 02, 2010.
Photo of a street lamp being completely covered with ice and snow outside a restaurant at the Feldberg mountain in Koenigstein, 30km west of Frankfurt, Germany, December 02, 2010.

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Tan Wei Wei said...

I will Mr Victor! Vote for a change!!! =D