Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hebephile or Husband?

Malaysia has many laws to rein in her citizens. Malaysian kids under 16 cannot have a motorbike license and therefore legally are not allowed to ride a motorbike. Those under 17 cannot have a car license and therefore legally are not allowed to drive a car. Those under 18 cannot purchase ciggies or buy alcoholic beverages. Those who are less than 21 years old cannot vote. And Malaysian university and college students, regardless of their age, are not allowed to participate in any political activities whatsoever.

But yet, a 14 year old can get hitched and then get laid. Teenager Siti Maryam Mahmod married teacher and family friend, Abdul Manan Othman. They were one of 250 couples at the 1Malaysia mass wedding reception held at the Federal Territory mosque on December 04, 2010. She is 14 years old. He is 23 years old.
Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Jamil Khir Baharom, who was the event’s guest-of-honor, was reported to have said the marriage was legal as it had the Syariah Court’s consent. Even Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, herself a full blown woman, said it’s okay as long as the Syariah Courts approve the marriage.

Society was up in arms when Michael Jackson allegedly displayed a sexual preference for children at the cusp of puberty, between the ages of, roughly, 11 to 14 years of age. But Abdul Manan Othman used marriage to hide his hebephilea. Aren’t both of them the same?

"We need to protect the child", said Ivy Josiah, executive director of leading activist group Women's Aid Organization, as she pointed out that the Child Act recognizes a child as anyone below 18.

Currently, Muslim girls below the age of 16 can marry with the Syariah Court’s consent while non-Muslim girls between 16 and 18 years old can marry with the authorization of the Mentri Besar (i.e. Chief Minister).

Activists have said underage marriage is unacceptable, calling for law reforms to curb the practice which they said is widespread. Some 16,000 Malaysian girls aged below 15 are already married.


Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson is American, the marriage above is in Malaysia....:P

Victor Ong said...

Yes, how perceptive! Michael's American and Abdul Manan Othman is Malaysian. Hebephilia doesn't gtive two hoots what your nationality is, and that's my point.