Monday, December 13, 2010

Reminder to Register!

Fellow Malaysians! There isn’t much time left. Register to vote NOW! Please!

You can register to vote at any Malaysian post-office. Nationwide. Please do it immediately. Before December 15, 2010.

Yes, it takes at least 3 months to register a new voter. If you register now, you might just make it to vote if they call the general election in March 2011.

Finally, Malaysia made it on WikiLeaks – thanks to neighborly Singapore. It seemed that Singapore officials had bad-mouthed Malaysia, which is nothing new really! And worse, they also supported a conclusion by the Australian intelligence agency on the Sodomy II charges against Anwar Ibrahim.

Singapore’s Foreign Minister George Yeo made no attempt to hide the authenticity of the cables that were reported by The Sun-Herald newspaper in Sydney but said “the views must be respected”.

On Malaysia, the Singapore foreign and intelligence officials angered both sides of the political divide. They described Najib Razak as being in a tight spot but also at the same time concurred with their Australian counterparts that Anwar was guilty of the charges which they also said were a “set-up”.

Anwar put the blame on Malaysian police for the information leak.

PKR communications director Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, in a statement, accused Singapore of “deliberately spreading disinformation to an Australian intelligence agency, the Office of National Assess­ments.”

“The WikiLeaks disclosure of the sodomy charges against Anwar Ibrahim fabricated by the Malaysian Special Branch is a serious matter as this is the surest sign yet that the persecution stems from a conspiracy at the highest level,” he said, adding that the public should question why Singaporean intelligence chose to “collude” with Malaysian Special Branch police.

The Australian newspaper also pointed out that the leaked cables noted that Malaysia was in a ‘’confused and dangerous’’ state due to “its incompetent politicians”.

Enough said.

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