Friday, December 31, 2010

Wacky Anti-aging Products

I read about these products on Yahoo! posted on December 16 and I thought I should share them with my readers in my blog because they actually do work to varying degrees – well, most of the time anyway but not necessarily for all the featured products.

And if you are the type of person who is forever looking for the secrets of the fountain of youth, then any anti-aging “miracles” that are being promoted will spark your attention and interest.

Product: Frownies Facial pads

Price: $19.95
Targets: deep forehead wrinkles and crow's feet
How it works: Stick-on pads “re-educate” your facial muscles by molding your skin into smoother shape overnight.
The good: They work! According to Jessica Wu, a cosmetic dermatologist who tested the product for Harper’s Bazaar. “They keep your facial muscles from contracting and lines from becoming deeper,” she explained. Other beauty hounds that put them to the test had similar results.
The bad: One online review warns of the lack of scientific evidence and the possibility of the adhesive gel affecting sensitive skin.
The verdict: For $20, it's definitely worth a try.

Product: DermaSilk 5 Minute Facelift
Price: $40
Targets: Fine lines and wrinkles
How it works: A special ingredient called Helix Aspersa secretions takes most of the credit for this product's effectiveness. For those who don't know, it's snail slime. “The skin renewal substance gathered from the secretions of the Helix Aspersa – an element the snail itself uses to quickly regenerate its own shell and skin when damaged… is now available to give skin a more dewy texture,” according to the product's 2007 press release.
The good: In Consumer Reports' 2010 test of anti-aging serums, this one came out on top.
The bad: The product’s effectiveness was still considered “slight” when put to the test by the magazine's participants. Overall, all of the serums they tested “made little difference on average in the skin's appearance.”
The gross: Reminder – contains snail slime.
The verdict: Cheaper than a facelift, but also not as effective.

Product: Neckline Slimmer

Price: $20
Targets: waddle
How it works: It's basically a pogo stick for your neck muscles, the jaw workout comes with three different taut springs and an "accelerator" cream.
The good: ConsumerSearch writer Sage McHugh points to at least one happy customer, who used the product for 30 days and noticed a definite difference.
The bad: A running list of online complaints about results, hidden charges and the occasional jaw pain hover around the product. And according to Consumer Reports' ShopSmart research, the science behind the device is baseless. "[It] mainly exercises neck-flexor muscles that have nothing to do with a heavy neck or a double chin...and are not correctable with exercise."
The verdict: Don’t expect miracles, in fact, don't expect much.

And lastly this product is directed to my friend, Kenneth Lee because he is still involved with Dreamland bedding products. I can recall that when I worked there, we had developed a range of pillows from anti-snoring pillows to body pillows. So this product might just make him sit up!

Product: Ageless Sleep Pillow
Price: $70
Target: Cheek wrinkles and crow's feet
How it works: Cradles your head so you don’t get pillow imprints or crinkled skin. It also positions your body in a way that keeps your airways opened which may mean better sleep, which always improves skin appearance.
The good: It's natural, and definitely won't do you any harm. And if it helps you sleep better, your overall appearance will improve. Dermatologist Dr. Katie Rodan recommends the cradle-design to improve skin, backing up the claim that standard pillows speed up the aging process. "I can usually tell what side a patient sleeps on when I look at her face," she revealed to Marie-Claire. "The wrinkles will be more compressed, and they might have an unnatural line next to their nose from the pressure."
The bad: The shape of the pillow might take getting used to, or make it hard at first to fall asleep.
The verdict: It’s expensive for a pillow but the 30-day money-back guarantee makes it worth trying out.
So there you are! Products that can help you usher in the new year without feelings of alcohol-soaked worries! You can party and still stay young! Hopefully.

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