Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunway University It Is!

Today, I received official word that Sunway University College has been upgraded to University status. Congratulations to all Sunway stakeholders!

I read in The Malaysian Insider today that Najib Razak had insisted yesterday that Malaysia is run by “very competent” politicians, contrary to remarks allegedly made by Singaporean officials in a WikiLeaks expose. HAHAHAHA! Of course, Najib will say that but it would have been great if he had courageously come forward to admit he is really incompetent. Sigh! If only he is truthful.

Anyway, the other news is that the Najib administration’s New Economic Model (NEM) has failed to excite investors, with Bank of America Merrill Lynch maintaining this week its call to shed investments in Malaysia (Webpage, posted December 16, 2010).

Despite the government’s high hopes on the NEM, the investment bank rated Malaysia as a “big underweight” in emerging markets. An underweight call is a recommendation to investors to reduce their investments in a particular security, asset class or, in this case, a country.

Malaysia's underweight rating is 46 percent this month and comes in second-last among the 15 countries studied by the investment bank. This is despite the fact that emerging markets continue to be the equity region of choice for investors worldwide, with investments persisting at historically high levels.

Investors have so far greeted Prime Minister Najib Razak’s highly anticipated NEM with yawning disinterest, owing to lack of detailed policies, timelines and the apparent rollback of ambitious Bumiputera quota reforms.

Economists and political analysts have also criticized the NEM for its lack of innovative thinking and timidness, which they said does little to dispel lingering investor skepticism. I have been skeptical all along.
A shadow Liverpool side went through the motions of a final Europa League group game as they played out a dull goalless draw against FC Utrecht. With the Reds through to the last 32 and the Dutch side unable to qualify, both sides lacked urgency and desire.

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Alan Tan said...

Congrats for you & your u. I pray that your u can contribute to our national growth, as well as keeping fees affordable to the masses.

Alan Tan