Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snow and Ice

BBC News reported today that the weather in Scotland is not getting any better. Heavy snow and ice are causing massive disruption. Already, forecasters have predicted frequent snow showers throughout the day and temperatures will struggle to reach above zero. The Met Office issued severe weather warnings for the whole of the country, warning of heavy and drifting snow in Grampian, the Highlands, northern and western isles, and widespread icy roads across the rest of Scotland. At least 200 schools in Scotland are closed.

And did you know that Scottish Transport Minister Stewart Stevenson had to resign after his department was criticized for their handling of the problems caused by the previous bout of severe weather? Talk about accountability! In Malaysia, this would be an alien concept because our Ministers are so hard-boiled, impenitent, case-hardened and thick-skinned! And Keith Brown who has succeeded him is not having it any easier either.

Photo showing heavy snow from Thursday evening into Friday in Aberdeen.

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