Thursday, December 2, 2010

WikiLeaks Embarrasses

There’s a lot of bad press about Julian Assange who made the brave decision to divulge US diplomatic cables since Sunday. I don’t know what the fuss is all about because it is common knowledge that diplomats always hide their real sentiments behind language niceties – so Wikileaks is just pure dynamite!

Of course, the revelations mean that Assange is an extremely unpopular man (to use a very polite word) and worse, almost every Government who is implicated, will join the global chorus in condemnation – not exactly a nice position to be in. Even Sarah Palin got into the act yesterday when she called for the founder of WikiLeaks to be tracked down as if he were a terrorist! (Mirror, UK, December 01, 2010).

Actually, if there are any repercussions – the only one that I can discern right now is in the red faces among government leaders worldwide. Take, for example, Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew who referred to North Koreans as “psychopathic types”. Naturally, Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs “expressed deep concerns about the damaging action of WikiLeaks” and that “it is critical to protect the confidentiality of diplomatic and official correspondence, which is why Singapore has the Official Secrets Act” (Star, December 01, 2010, p W37). Uh-huh, it’s always easy to clamp anything that is newsworthy and cite the OSA, but really lah, whatever anybody may say, it is likely that these disclosures are acutely embarrassing, rather than physically damaging.

So what is the brouhaha about? Beats me!

Actually, I was hoping there would be some leaked telegrams of US diplomats' views of Malaysian leaders – so far, we have been spared. And I bet you, if that happens, the reaction from the Malaysian government wouldn’t be any different from Singapore’s.

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Moses Wong said...

Dear Victor,

Wikileaks gave us the truth. It is more than a drama unfolding.

Now all of us have to learn, unlearn and relearn.

The so-called democracies in the world have been feeding us lies, deception and half-truths.