Saturday, December 12, 2020

71 Million Cases and A Sky Full of Plane Crashes

The world can hardly catch its breath – and we’re already seeing 71 million cases. And 1.6 million deaths.

Of course, Donald Trump’s United States is the numero uno for Covid-19 – and it can now boast of 300,000 Americans dead from the virus that he said would go away. He didn’t say it once. Or twice. Or thrice. But according to The Washington Post, forty times!

To Trump (right), dead Americans are just numbers. The simple truth is he is desensitized to Covid-19 deaths. Or he actually doesn’t give a F. 

Dying Americans – or anybody for that matter – are no laughing matter. I remember reading somewhere that to put the 300,000 deaths in nearly eleven months (or 45 weeks) across more effectively – we should put this into context. 

And maybe, just maybe, Trump can better appreciate, if not understand the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic that is bludgeoning his country.

Just visualize those who died are airline passengers who perished in plane crashes. 

Losing 300,000 people in 11 months would be equivalent to eleven planes a week, crashing, for 45 weeks, with ALL on board dying!

[Note: The above calculation is based on a Boeing 747-8 which can accommodate 700 passengers if a single-class system is followed, or 600 seats in a double-class configuration. Just so you know, I’ve picked 600]. 

If Boeing 747-8s were falling out of the sky at a rate of eleven per week, not only would the American people be horrified, but they would expect something to be done. 

Surely even the cold-hearted Donald Trump wouldn’t be so unfeeling and uncaring.

Okay, I may be wrong. 

Still, the picture is clear. Planes are crashing all around us every effing week – we’re talking about 600 passengers per plane, eleven times a week. Let that sink in.

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