Thursday, December 24, 2020

WSC’s Second Meeting

World Speakers’ Coalition’s second meeting finally happened!


On Wednesday, we met at SOULed OUT located in Desa Sri Hartamas – and it turned out to be an excellent venue, if I may say so myself. A diverse menu, beverage promotions, good service and free parking! Demanding Malaysians can surely appreciate all of these! 

This time, we had only a small group in attendance – but the five including one guest, Samuel Sham, had turned up and made it a blast! All five had to deliver impromptu speeches on the same topic, i.e. Covid-19 – but with one requirement, i.e. to add humor. 

A palette of different speaking styles and different perspectives and insights. The many-sidedness of humor was on full display – the subtle humor, the wry humor, the deadpan humor, the LOL humor, the friendly sarcasm. What a joy to be bombarded with speeches that truly entertain. 

And to ensure we kept learning, everyone had to evaluate all the said speeches. Except their own, of course. 

Since we had 5 "project" speeches, obviously, we couldn't have our Triple S, the session for short and snazzy speeches aka Table Topics.

Victor Ong was the convener – and I can speak on his behalf that it was another super meeting from World Speakers’ Coalition Kuala Lumpur. 

We were not there to just do speeches nor partake in enticing food and drinks – but more than that, we had honest-to-goodness fellowship. Indeed, all three maketh a good meeting. I must add that the speeches are something else – one that self-assuredly combines raw authenticity with honest articulation.


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