Sunday, December 13, 2020

72 Million Cases and the Big, Old, Slow Turtle

Gosh, it is now 72 million cases! 

And the number of nations that has recorded more than 100,000 coronavirus cases stands at 71 – with Bosnia and Herzegovina the latest country to make the list. Collectively, these countries account for 96.7% and 97.4% of global cases and deaths respectively.


As the world gets caught in a massive deluge of infections, some countries have become wildly desperate. The United States is a case in point.

The Washington Post reported that White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows (left), had told the head of the US Food and Drug Administration to authorize Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine on Friday or be prepared to resign. 

Meadows leaned on Stephen Hahn during a phone conversation on Friday – it came after Donald Trump tweeted that the FDA was “a big, old, slow turtle”, and told the FDA commissioner to “get the dam vaccines out NOW”. 

Of course, FDA's Hahn (right) capitulated – and that cleared the way for Americans to begin receiving the vaccine within days. 

The FDA authorization means the United States becomes the sixth country – in addition to UK, Canada, Mexico, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia – to give the vaccine the go-ahead.

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