Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Gold Rush in Kelantan

It seems that the drop in gold price over the past week has caused Malaysian customers to rush to jewellery shops – and in the process, abandoning the SOPs that are in force due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

As a result Kelantan police issued 23 compounds since Sunday to errant patrons and shop proprietors, according to a news report in The Sun Daily (November 30, 2020). 

In this case, all that glitters is not just gold but a penalty is tagged onto it too!

That aside, it was announced on Sunday too that the EMCO at Top Glove worker dormitories in Meru in Klang, Selangor which was scheduled to have ended Monday, has been extended until December 14, 2020 – reaffirming that the coronavirus situation there is far from being over.

Yesterday, the Teratai (read, Top Glove) cluster contributed 87.3 percent (778 cases) of the daily cases in Selangor (891 cases). On Monday, Selangor reported 402 cases, of which 4.5% (18 cases) are from the Teratai cluster.

Malaysia has imposed mandatory Covid-19 screening for the 1.7 million foreign workers in the country because of the high number of cases in the group, the Star reported Thursday. 

This should already have be done because most of the cases in peninuslar Malaysia except for the "prison" clusters are what the Health Ministry refer to as workplace infections and they mainly involve foreign workers. Sigh, we're not wanting to learn from the Singaporean experience.

Meanwhile, Malay Mail Online had reported on Monday that the National Security Council had “determined that all Top Glove workers must be screened for the coronavirus and that even those found negative are considered ‘high risk’ and will be subject to mandatory quarantine”. 

Sorry, I don’t understand how “negative” is “high risk”. Unless the tests cannot be deemed as accurate! 

Sometimes, I think the people in charge don’t actually know what they’re doing; they're clueless! 

Of course the issue is compounded by the fact that they’ve very little grey matter up there. Or maybe, none at all.

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