Saturday, January 11, 2020

Friday Protests Sparked by Australia's Raging Bushfires

Extinction Rebellion are back on the streets of London, UK.

The climate change activists rallied Londoners to protest at the Australian High Commission on the Strand, demanding action from the country’s politicians to do more to protect citizens and wildlife from the ongoing crisis, as well as calling for real action from leaders worldwide to prevent climate change. 

The protest in London was one of many that took place across the world on Friday. 

In Australia, protests were held in Sydney, Melbourne, Geelong, Newcastle, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra. 

Extinction Rebellion are calling for a range of actions, including funding to pay all firefighters, relief and aid for affected communities, a rapid transition away from fossil fuels, and land and water sovereignty for indigenous communities. 

One London protester held up a sign saying “Climate Change Denier Scott Morrison Fiddles while Australia Burns”. 

“I’m here because the Australian government is doing absolutely nothing to combat climate change. In fact they’re largely denying it and they need to be put under a lot of pressure...”, said 76-year-old Peter Cole. 

Australian prime minister Morrison (right) has repeatedly rejected criticism that his government is not doing enough. On that same Friday, he told Sydney radio 2GB that it was disappointing that people were conflating the bushfire crisis with Australia’s emission reduction targets. 

“We don’t want job-destroying, economy-destroying, economy-wrecking targets and goals, which won’t change the fact that there have been bushfires or anything like that in Australia”, he snorted dismissively. 

An effing pompous idiot who is callous, indifferent and uncaring!

A young woman holds a poster criticizing Scott Morrison for going on a surprise holiday to Hawaii, USA at the height of the bushfire crisis in December

As we already know, Australia is suffering “unprecedented” bushfires for months. 

At least 27 people have perished and millions and millions of animals killed. Angry flames destroyed more than 2,000 homes and torn communities apart. And thick smoke has blanketed vast swathes of the country – choking cities such as Sydney and even drifting as far as New Zealand.

These fires are the most deadly and vivid evidence yet of the environmental emergency the world is facing – yet the Australian government continue to deny the science of climate change. 

Climate scientists have warned the frequency and intensity of the fires will surge as Australia becomes hotter and drier. 

#AustraliaOnFire #ClimateEmergency

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