Sunday, January 26, 2020

A Real Fake Forest

Visitors look at the art installation ‘A Real Fake Forest’ at the Hin Bus Depot in Georgetown, Penang, January 22, 2020 

Tan Lay Heong poses with her art installation

If you happen to be in Penang, Malaysia just about now – do check out the art installation 'A Real Fake Forest' at Hin Bus Depot, a community art space in Jalan Gurdwara, Georgetown that requires you to take off their shoes and walk barefoot in the thick layer of dried leaves strewn on the floor. 

“Tree trunks” have been planted – and if you look closely, they reveal to be made from layers of recycled cardboard pieces and newspapers with metal rods inside to support the structure. 

Pay special attention to the fake trunks. The artist’s message of protecting the environment can clearly be seen on them, with one sporting an oxygen mask, another covered in slivers of colored plastic bags and another with an air conditioner remote control. 

She said it is not easy using recycled materials for her artwork – but it is her way of triggering thoughts of reducing wastage and encouraging recycling for the sake of the environment.

According to Tan Lay Heong, her art installation is aimed at getting people out of their comfort zone to explore and reconnect with Nature. 

“I want people to realize that we are on the same level as Nature and animals because humans have been pushing Nature aside for the sake of development and they have forgotten this very basic law, that we are all on the same level”, she explained. 

She said when people walk barefoot in the leaves, it might humble them, connect them back to Nature and remind them that it is our duty to protect Nature instead of destroying it. 

“One visitor told me that in all her life, she had never walked barefoot outside but when she tried this here, it somehow brought her closer to Nature and made her realize the beauty of Nature”, she shared.

The art installation is open daily from 12 PM to 8 PM until February 09, 2020.

And finally, the sixth and last Disney episode of Mickey Go Local – this time, featuring Chinese New Year (I prefer to call it Lunar New Year):

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