Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Not Every Day, Nasi Lemak

I saw a complaint (again) about Katie Morley (left) – this time in The Tapir Times! 

[Be warned though because it was just a satirical piece but knowing Malaysians' IQ levels, don't be too shocked if many will take it seriously]. 

She was lambasted (again) for allegedly having egg and beans on toast, just one day after tasting the real nasi lemak at Zheng’s in Chelsea, southwest London, UK. 

[Note: Those who only hear about Morley for the first time today, kindly refer to my two posts on January 22 to get the inside stories!] 

According to this particular anecdote that appeared Wednesday last week, self-appointed Malaysian culinary surveillance volunteers (big words for “kaypohs” or busybodies) had spied upon The Telegraph columnist and got offended because Morley had reverted to her typically ‘sambal-free’ English diet. 

One griped: “I thought Katie said nasi lemak was ‘delicious?’ But did she really mean it? What will she have tomorrow? A morning coffee and egg cheddar brioche at Pret A Manger?” 

Another lamented: “Katie should know once you go nasi lemak you don’t go back!” 

These bellyaching whiners are too much! It’s all blardy nonsense lah! The truth is, even Malaysians in Malaysia don’t have nasi lemak every day lah! Except maybe one person. 

That’s me. And that is a fact!

Here’s photos of my RM5.40 breakfast this morning!

Even then, I must confess I don’t have nasi lemak every day. Most days, yes – but definitely not every day! 

For those who don’t know me, nasi lemak and Coke is my No.1 breakfast combo! #nasilemak #hellishlyheavenly

Those who wonder about my daily diet don't know me at all! Check out some of my quotes on nasi lemak!

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