Friday, January 31, 2020

Finally, A Cockroach Emoji

This year's emojis that have made it to Emoji 13.0 – that is set to be released soon – will have a selection of 117 emoji characters. And finally my favorite insect is included. 

Yup, you’ve got it – the cockroach.

I guess if you don't know Victor Ong, you'll not understand nor appreciate this fact. 

Anyway, I wonder when Unicode Consortium will add nasi lemak, Coke and durian to the list?! 

At the kind invitation of the Vice President Education Syuhaida Safian (right), I was at the Ministry of Education building in Jalan P5/6, Precinct 5 in Putrajaya to attend the PPTD Toastmasters meeting – their first for 2020. 

Sadly, this meeting was her last as she's leaving for NZ to pursue her Masters. I salute her for her dedication.

I did a speech that’s about my Toastmasters experience titled The PI Factor. In case you're wondering what is PI, it is P for Provoke and I for Inspire, two essential elements of a good speech, methinks.

I also took up the role of Speech Evaluator for a Pathways Level 5 speech. And I was voted Best Evaluator:

Photos of the said meeting:

I enjoyed this meeting because this club is dressed with flair. It exudes quiet vibrancy. It is dynamism on a leash. 

Add quality speeches to the flourishing mix and you get a meeting that is sublimely splendid in every sense of the word!

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