Thursday, January 23, 2020

Baby Yoda Cloud Formation

Baby Yoda (left) is a phenomenon. He might have been one of the protagonists in Disney+'s The Mandalorian – but with his big, glassy eyes and cute mannerisms, he quickly became the undisputed star of the show. 

In fact, he was even featured in my blog post “2020: A New Hope” on the very first day of 2020! 

Already he is so popular that he's inspired some of the best memes to hit the net. 

Now, one woman has claimed that the adorable Star Wars character has appeared in the clouds of her vacation snap. The incredible picture was posted on the Baby Yoda subreddit which is "dedicated to the beautiful Baby Yoda". 

There, Redditor u/yycheart wrote: "A family friend took this picture while on vacation and I can't unsee Baby Yoda!" 

It was later revealed that the picture was taken in the Cayman Islands. 

Unsurprisingly, the good people of Reddit were in absolute agreement that the cloud formation looked like the adorable 50-year-old, who is officially known as 'The Child', and before long, phrases including "this is the way" and "blessed image" began to circulate in the thread. 

If you don’t know, Baby Yoda was crowned the most popular baby of 2019, as per Google's 'Year in Search 2019'. And at the rate he's going at, Baby Yoda will probably be the most popular baby of 2020 too. 

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