Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Katie Morley's Newfound Love for Nasi Lemak

Katie Morley (left), the woman who had described British Airways’ nasi lemak as "wickedly bad" – see my post this morning – has now declared her love for the national dish after trying it at an upscale Malaysian restaurant in the UK itself. 

The Telegraph journalist said she had her nasi lemak at Zheng in Sydney Street, Chelsea in southwest London which serves top-rated Malaysian cuisine. The swanky eatery, run by a husband and wife team Adam Abdullah and Izlinda Baharom, has received rave reviews from publications such as The Times, Evening Standard, Wallpaper and Time Out

“Thank you to all the Malaysians who suggested I should try the real nasi lemak. You are right, it’s delicious!” she tweeted. 

“Nothing like that BA plane meal I had”, Morley wrote on Monday using the abbreviation for the United Kingdom flag carrier British Airways. 

If only she can try the nasi lemak here in Malaysia itself! Now, that would be something else! I can only describe it as hellishly heavenly!

Yesterday, I was back at the MacFood Toastmasters meeting – where Vice President Education Lim Cher Jan kindly arranged for me to speak. 

I presented a CC#6 speech titled Hysteria and with its completion, I have only three more speeches before I complete Round #66 for my Competent Communication manual. 

And I was voted Best Speaker:

I also evaluated the seven Table Topics speakers.

This was only my second meeting at MacFood and I will happily acknowledge that this is one of those very few clubs where the vivacious vibrancy is keenly felt. It reminds me of electricity that flows uninterrupted, joyously and enthusiastically – and for a Toastmasters meeting, this is always welcomed.

Photos of the said meeting:

The Lunar New Year is drawing near and again, yee sang was served:

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