Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Wickedly Bad Nasi Lemak

A journalist with UK’s The Telegraph who covers consumer rights issues, Katie Morley’s tweets frequently call out companies for bad service and/or business practices. 

On January 15, she (left) tweeted about a “wickedly bad” meal – nasi lemak – that she was served on a 13-hour British Airways flight, and listed the ingredients as chicken curry served with anemic boiled egg, topped with smelly, slimy anchovies. 

“I quite like plane food usually, and this was a 0/10”, was her review, to which she added a puking emoji. 

The image showed that the meal in question was clearly some interpretation of nasi lemak 

Malaysians were quick to defend their popular national dish and in fact, suggested she had been served a poor version of the meal. Besides, we all know airline food is generally awful! 

The following day, Morley tweeted a follow up, clarifying that she did not know about nasi lemak and apologized for any offence caused to Malaysians. 

British Airways have often come up in headlines regarding the poor quality of their in-flight food. Last year, a passenger complained his food was closer to dog food than human quality food and an article by The Independent on the worst in-flight cuisine ever managed to mention the airline twice. 

Well, no matter what others may think, nasi lemak happens to be my breakfast staple and you can conveniently get it from any street vendor: 

Nasi lemak with generous dollops of sambal together with sweet and spicy sotong ('cuttlefish' in English) is my usual pick!

Sure, the above pic is not really Instagramable but I assure you it is food to die for! And nasi lemak washed down with a Coke is a combo that is my all-time breakfast choice!

Or you can also check out my favorite nasi lemak place at Central i-City in Shah Alam, Selangor:

Nasi lemak ayam goreng ('fried chicken' in English) NALE

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