Wednesday, January 1, 2020

2020: A New Hope

It so happened that I was checking out The Hollywood Reporter when I spied the above. It shows Baby Yoda. 

Have you seen anything more cutesy than Baby Yoda (left)? 

The wispy little hairs covering his tiny forehead. The huge, expressive eyes. The wee mouth. The wide, pointed ears. Never has a wrinkled green alien looked more cuddly and huggable.  

The littlest character in The Mandalorian, Disney’s new live-action Star Wars TV show about the badass bounty hunter and which debuted on November 12, is an infant of the same species as the beloved Yoda, the wise Jedi master. 

[For Star Wars fans, if you don’t know already – the story unfolds after The Return of the Jedi and the fall of the Empire, but long before The Force Awakens and the rise of the First Order]. 

Psst, Baby Yoda is not really a baby. I mean, the species ages oh so slowly – even so, he is already 50 years old. But it seems the Internet has settled the matter of his nickname. 

I'm sorry but I am getting a wee bit distracted with Baby Yoda. 

But my point of it all is that after I saw this bundle of delight, the caption above him pulled my gaze away and stole my attention. In big letters, it says 2020: A New Hope.

The headline makes sense. Certainly, I would like to believe that 2020 represents just that. A new hope.

And so, I would like to greet 2020 with a sense of déjà vu and with it, my wish that the new year brings forth a new hope. A new hope that serves up a new promise and a new beginning! 

In a way, this is all familiar but fresh, desirable but disruptive. That it is just as much about Baby Yoda as it is about twenty twenty. 

I have this feeling the New Year will usher in a new year that is liberating and empowering. That, in itself, is already a good sign! 

Happy New Year, everybody!

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