Friday, October 1, 2010

Two Chancellors

Sunway University College had their Graduation Ceremony this afternoon, and 300-plus students on the home-grown programs graduated. It was interesting to see two Chancellors of two institutions on the stage (Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Dr Jeffrey Cheah, Chancellor of Sunway University College and Sir Christian Bonington, Chancellor of Lancaster University) presenting the Sunway/Lancaster “dual” degrees.

In case, there are doubts about Lancaster University’s standing – let's take a look at two well-regarded and long-established ranking tables. The Good University Guide 2010 (Webpage (Webpage, accessed October 12, 2009) placed the University in position # 23. And the Guardian Ranking of UK Universities 2010 (Webpage, accessed October 12, 2009) placed the University in a more envious position at # 12.

There’s a relatively new Toastmasters club in town and I visited them this evening. They’re the IME Toastmasters Club, an in-house club for IME Technology Sendirian Berhad staff members. Today’s meeting was really spirited and I heard good speeches too. I took on the role of Evaluator for two speakers – Suhaila doing her CC speech # 3 and Cherry doing her CC speech # 2. Richard Chia of Phoenix Toastmasters Club whom I met yesterday at the Sunway Toastmasters meeting invited me over, and so I came to check them out. And I was happy that I did because I enjoyed their meeting very much.
And for an in-house club, the attendance was very encouraging.

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