Friday, October 1, 2010

My Next Life

On Tuesday, a friend sent to me this brilliant Woody Allen piece titled “My Next Life”:

3Q 2010 Progress Report: 2010 Resolution List

1. Start writing my Marketing textbook – Zilch progress
2. Start my second Masters – Zilch progress
3. Write my Ph D proposal and submit for approval – Still nothing on the plate
4. Write two short stories and get them published – Stillborn
5. Achieve Toastmasters’ recognitions: ACG and ALB (Started speeches on April 13, 2010; completed April 22, 2010 – Completed 50%)
6. Teach 1000 hours for period October 2009-September 2010 (As my job has changed, I don’t wish to keep track of the crazy teaching hours as they have become irrelevant)
7. Direct 45,000 visits to my blog.(As at end of 3Q, I had 35,399 hits, which is 78.7%)

I have to get serious...

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Jayson said...

Living in the reverse way sounds great.