Sunday, October 10, 2010

US Called a Preening Pig

I read in the New Sunday Times (p 39) that modest progress at UN climate talks yesterday was overshadowed by a continuing deadlock between China and the US and I am swept by a feeling of loathing. It is a repeat of the same kind of poppycock that was very much evident in Copenhagen – this time, the two largest emitters of greenhouse gases are at loggerheads, blaming each other for holding up talks.

In fact, it started when China felt that it was unfairly criticized by the US. On Saturday, one of the Chinese climate negotiators reportedly accused the US of behaving like a preening pig, complaining about Beijing when Washington had done so little itself.
The head of the US delegation, Jonathan Pershing, was more diplomatic.
But he said that there could be no US signature on any binding deal that did not also bind China – America's superpower rival. Why must the US insist a tit-for-tat response? Why cannot the US take the lead? Why won't the US be a role model? Why?

Anyway, isn’t this an old issue? To me, it’s about having trust – all countries must believe that they have a common agenda and it is in their common interests to ensure compliance. We can put the best monitoring mechanisms in place but if countries want to cheat, they will and they can get away with it too. It is time that countries stop being confrontational and genuinely work towards producing desired results – we’re talking about trying to save our planet, for heaven’s sake!

Delegates from more than 150 countries have been negotiating in Tianjin, China for the past week, working to lay the groundwork for the Cancun meeting in Mexico in December.
So far, it's been all talk!
PAS MP Khalid Samad had dared Perkasa’s Ibrahim Ali to contest in the upcoming Galas state seat by-election to prove that there was no link between Perkasa and UMNO. According to Free Malaysia Today, initially, the Perkasa boss had dismissed the dare as “not important to entertain” in a single line text message to FMT. In the evening, Ibrahim took a swipe at the PAS leader. On a sarcastic note, the Pasir Mas MP said he saw Khalid's challenge to him as a sign of respect and acknowledgment of the former's capabilities in holding two positions.

“I am grateful because he recognises my greatness, capabilities and potential. Although I appreciate this, I must also be honest. I don't have the time to be a state rep because I am already a MP."

And then he added, “I am not greedy like some opposition politicians who become state rep and MP, draw two salaries, but their service to the people is limited to only holding 'ceramah perdana',”

Hmmm, I wonder what PR politicians have to say to this?

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