Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Donald Trump's Ego

I am sure many of you did follow the goings-on of the UMNO General Assembly 2010. One of the weirdest exhortations made by Najib Razak was: “Come what may, Putrajaya must be defended”. He had called upon UMNO members to defend the administrative capital from the clutches of the Opposition in the next general election, even if it meant laying down their lives! UMNO Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin too parroted the same strident line. He had committed UMNO Youth to guard the UMNO power base by pledging to give their all to defend Putrajaya. I don’t even understand why they said what they said!

Maybe, they believe that they’re the only ones who have the sole right to govern this country. And so they’re staking their claim of ownership of Putrajaya and when they feel threatened, they will barricade themselves and defend this 4931 hectares of real estate. There’s no need to fight lah. If these UMNO goons are so obsessed with Putrajaya – why don’t we let them keep Putrajaya and leave the rest of the country to us?

A New Zealand fundraising consortium was reported on Saturday to have run foul of tycoon Donald Trump for using the card-playing term “Trumpcard”. The consortium’s Trumpcard, with a court jester logo, is a loyalty card users can swipe at participating businesses in the southern NZ city of Invercargill, with each swipe bringing benefits to selected charities.

But Trump viewed the use of the word ‘trump” as a serious matter and authorized his lawyer “to take appropriate actions to prevent any continued wrongdoing”, the Southland Times reported. Yet another story of another windbag with a bloated ego.

The fundraising consortium received a letter from the Trump Corporation claiming the “knowing and unauthorized use of the ‘Trump’ in the promotion of your business is an obvious attempt to trade on Mr. Trump’s well-established reputation”. WTF! Part-owner Neil Selman replied that their reference was to card-playing trumps, “a positive meaning dating back to 1529 that I’m sure most people would have some knowledge of long before Mr. Trump gained profile”. Notwithstanding this explanation, Trump's lawyers have warned they would be monitoring use of the consortium's trademark.

One day when I become rich and famous, I too will send a lawyer’s letter to anybody who has the gall to associate my well-recognized name with their products, services and what-have-you – those that I am sure to target include Victoria’s Secret, Victorinox, Victoria Station, Victor Racquets, Victoria Institution, Victoria University and even the Australian state of Victoria. Hey! Stop the mass-exploitation of my name! I promise you I'll get you one day!

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